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ARB off-road accessories in UAE


We offer car enthusiasts with a huge selection of equipment, spare parts and other products - from bumpers, roof racks to compressors, from brake discs to silent blocks, from shock absorbers to suspension kit. You can find everything for your SUV. Old Man Emu 4x4 suppression systems by ARB company is located in Dubai, in United Arab Emirates, at Media City Concord tower office 1308. We are the dealers of products ARB and OME. We are engaged in the sale of accessories for tuning with delivery to United Arab Emirates, and to other countries of the world.

Various climatic conditions and impassibility make it necessary to make quick and correct decisions in an extreme situation. In such cases, the reliability and practicality of the technique used can guarantee success in achieving the stated goal. That is why most SUV owners use additional ARB accessories .

The company ARB dates back to 1975. It was created by one ideological organizer and amateur tourist trips on the road Anthony Ronald Brown. He wanted to make all the accessories for SUVs not only quality, but also beautiful. In his understanding, the car should have been good, first of all, from an aesthetic point of view. His design thought came to his taste and other motorists who supported him. It's not difficult to guess where the name ARB came from is the first letters of the full name Anthony Ronald Brown.

In order to be fully confident that additional equipment and accessories meet the high demands of consumers, ARB invests huge amounts of money in research and development.

The ARB team of developers and designers uses the most advanced software, and also uses the services of subcontractors and universities to perform special crash tests, vibration tests and strength tests.

High quality of each of its products! For example, the following products for your SUV.

Shock absorbers and springs for each car are developed first as prototypes, then tested in different road conditions and with different loads. Tests continue until the ARB experts are convinced that the spring or shock absorber has merged with the car, and no load on the car, nor the surface on which it moves, does not matter.

The OME BP-51 Shock Absorbers designed and tested in the most severe conditions of the Australian off-road, are equipped with a rigidity control system and remote tanks. They are designed for easy installation on a car, without making modifications to their own units and parts, and combine increased comfort when driving on the highway and excellent control and handling of the off-road vehicle.

The best products for every   our customer.


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